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Airbrush Showcase

Over the years I have amassed a fine collection of airbrushes; some being my everyday workhorses while others I term my cabinet collection, being limited editions or one-offs and far too special to actually use. All are available for my students to handle and ponder upon as they decide which type of airbrush would be perfect form them. I thought it was high time I displayed some of them here. 


The newest airbrush in my cabinet collection is this beautiful gold-finished Harder & Steenbeck Squidmar Ultra 2024. 

Number 25 of a limited edition release of just 2,000,, the airbrush body features a black triple chrome finish adorned with an exquisite gold-colour, laser engraved tentacle design that reflects the Squidmar logo.

Squidmar Miniatures is an on-line Patreon and Facebook community hosted by miniaturist Emil Nystrom, who along with his friends, create one-off dioramas, fantasy miniature creations and tutorials on many subjects. 

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