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Na lavičce

Na lavičce

A very special model now on the bench is the newly released, limited edition Royal Class P51-B Mustang from Czech' manufacturer Eduard. This double build will appear in Airfix Model World in the near future. 

DSC_0001 (2).JPG

Another new and very beautiful

Harder & Steenbeck,

this time the Squidmar Evolution 2024, a birthday gift from my nearest and dearest.

This is number 24 of a very limited edition and will be added to my showcase airbrush collection never to be used. 

Fresh from the spray shop is the first of Eduard's new P-51B/C Mustang's from the brand new Royal Class edition. This promises to be the first of many, as I am already besotted with the kit and intend to sneak one or two more in between commissions as I perfect my natural metal finish.  

Fresh from the spray shop

DSC_0002 (3).JPG
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